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To the Summit and beyond

Late September last year, I ventured out to the highlands of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. I made a journey from Delhi to Leh and back. The goal of the trip was to traverse some of the high Himalayan Mountains of India in the Ladakh region.


Tawang – A Himalayan Tryst

I sat there the whole time reflecting back on the time spent at this tiny Himalayan hamlet. It was probably the best break to the relentless travel I did over the few days


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Picturesque pitstops en route Ladakh

Picturesque pit stops en route Ladakh

My last post gave you a brief idea of the recent road trip that I took to Ladakh with Scout My Trip and OYO. I shared about the purpose of the trip, the scouts that took us there and the bloggers that joined in. There was more to it than just Khardung La. Like Seriously! We made some interesting pit stops en route Ladakh and it all connected together in the grand scheme of things. I’m more than excited to write it all down here. Remember the pictures galore I talked about? Brace yourself!


Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah in Munnar

Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah in Munnar

I was back in India after my sojourn of 5 years in the middle eastern island of Bahrain. I quit my job as it was clearly not what I wanted in life. My life’s journey took me back to the country of my origin, India. On my way back home from Bahrain, I dropped by Sri Lanka which was a remarkable revelation to me. On this quest of what to do next in life, I set out on a one month South India tour. My first stop took me to a small town in the Western Ghats, Munnar, where I celebrated Christmas & Hanukkah of 2016. I understand Christmas but Hanukkah?? What the?


A Road Trip to Ladakh and back

A Road Trip to 18000 feet and back

Not always does a road trip of 3000 odd kilometers come around asking you to join and be a part of. Not always does it happen in the Indian Himalayas. But when you do get that call, you know you just pack your bags and leave. No questions asked. Especially when the road trip is going to take you to the “Highest Motorable Road in the World“. Yes! In double bold.


The Weekend Market Trail in Bangkok

The Weekend Market Trail in Bangkok

My quick trip to Thailand was coming to a close. This final leg would take me from Phuket to the capital of the country, Bangkok the “City of Angels”. I investigate the weekend market trail in Bangkok and get myself some serious souvenir shopping done. Bangkok is one of the (if not the most) most popular tourist destinations in Asia. I could see travelers and tourists pouring in big numbers at the airport and the city roads were bustling with traffic and high-rise buildings, some travelers also find their way and cross the border between Thailand to Cambodia from Bangkok.


Gyap-Thago Homestay and heritage home

Gyap-Thago Homestay & Heritage Home

Homestays are the preferred choice of stay for backpackers in India. Homestays and small guest houses are a huge way of life for the locals in the Ladakh region. Anyone who has traveled this region would recommend a homestay to a hotel. This is where you can get close to the culture, warmth, and life of the land and socialize with the locals.


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I am a photographer, an inspired traveler, an aspiring mountaineer, a positive thinker and a minimalist. Escaping Life was started to inspire everyone to go out explore and experience a little bit of the world around us.

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