Bahrain International Airshow

At the Bahrain International Airshow 2016

Earlier the year I had the opportunity to attend my very first airshow. Bahrain hosts the Bahrain International Airshow every two years at the Sakhir Air Base. The airshow is the fastest growing airshow in the Middle East and is organized by the Civil Aviation Affairs of Bahrain, the Royal Bahrain Air Force and Farnborough International.

This year’s airshow saw a lot of aviation companies exhibit their latest birds and technologies and even got some important trade deals done. Military delegations from different countries such as Bahrain, India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, etc., participated at this event too. The airshow has seen an increase in the number of visitors over the past two versions. The Indian Air Force had their very own MiG-21/F-16 called the ‘Tejas‘ flown in from India. Tejas is a new light combat fighter jet made in India and was on display for the first time outside of India. The Emirates A380 was on display as well.

The main theme of this year’s exhibition was UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and had exhibitors display new technological advancements in military aviation. The world has seen a rise in the use of UAVs and it will be the future of aviation as we know it.

Indian Air Force Tejas in Bahrain

India’s very own f-16/MiG 21, the Tejas

Along with the business side of things, the hosts also allow civilians to take a closer look at these new toys and technology. The ticket prices are nominal and they have a flying display of some of the aircrafts in the afternoon hours. The airshow ended with a spectacular aerobatics display from the SWIP twister display team.

Planes are so fascinating for everyone and for me. It was a cool winter afternoon. I got my camera out and went on a burst mode spree capturing these birds. Here are the best photos from the day, at least before the next one happens!

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Bahrain International Airshow 2016 Entrance

Sakhir Air Base Bahrain


Bahrain International Air Show 2016





















So there you have it. The show will return in 2018 bigger and better for sure.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Bahrain is located in the Arabian Gulf and is part of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).
  • The airshow is held at the Sakhir Air Base in Bahrain.
  • The closest airport is the Bahrain International Airport. Dubai is only an hour and half away by air.
  • The next airshow is scheduled from 14-16 November 2018.
  • Public area ticket prices for this year’s show was priced at BHD 10 ($26) for adults and BHD 5 ($13) for children up to 16 yrs.
  • Group bookings included a 5% discount on purchase of 20+ tickets.
  • For further information please visit the official website.
  • Here is a brochure for the next show.


Have you been to an airshow before? Share about your experience below.

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Bahrain International Airshow 2016

Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary gifts or benefits from the organizers and was not affiliated to them by any means. This post was purely a reflection of my experience at the airshow. Kindly visit the official website for any further information.

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  1. I have always wanted to go to an air show, unfortunately I have never made it. Looking at your photos I can tell that the Bahrain International Airshow was amazing. I would definitely love to see a f-16/MiG 21 up close.

  2. My husband is mad about aircraft and he’s going to flip when he learns there’s a big airshow in Bahrain. He wanted to be a commercial pilot when he was a boy but his father was scared of flying and wouldn’t let him!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I have heard that this airshow and Paris are major destinations for foreign market sales for US companies. It would be fascinating to see technology like Indian versions of Russian aircraft.

  4. I’ve never been to an air show, but I’d love to. The photos are gorgeous, and I marvel at these machines and pilots. What a very cool experience you had.

  5. I have a serious love of aircraft, especially the military fighter jets. There is a great airshow on in Melbourne Australia every two years which is just awesome. This one looks incredible and I’ve definitely got aircraft envy now. Great photos of some incredible aircraft here.

    • Thank you Kerri for dropping by. Aeroplanes are such fascinating things. Everytime I board one I get so excited like a small kid. And the military ones are thrilling. Always wanted to be a pilot. Still one of those dreams that can be achieved. 🙂

  6. Wow this looks amazing! Your photos are fantastic. My sister was a helicopter engineer so she would love this. I’ll have to tell her about it. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

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