Review of Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India

Review: Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur, India

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Coffee, Malnad cuisine, and the Western Ghats, topped with great hospitality, was the essence of my stay at the Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur. It was the Independence Week and I was on a trail of travel to some lesser known places. This included a day in Alleppey, a day in Udupi and two nights in Chikmagalur.

Highest peak in Karnataka

The Mullayanagiri Range in Karnataka

The last leg of the trip took me to the green hills of the Western Ghats in Karnataka, India. Chikmagalur is fairly unknown to travelers from outside India. It’s not even listed on Lonely Planet, to begin with. The mountain town serves as a quick escape for the crowds from cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mysore. I was joined by friend and blogger Abhinav Singh from

Java Rain Resort

If you crave to spend time in the woods where with the smell of coffee and pepper abounding your senses, look no further. The resort is located in the thick of the coffee plantations rising above the small mountain town of Chikmagalur and not so far from the township.

And to get into the feel, we both decided to hike to the resort from the closest bus stop around 2.5 km away. As we walked into the resort, we were greeted with warm smiles and fresh fruit juices. The outdoor open-air reception quickly strikes your eye with its elegantly shaped lit white pillars. It was August 15th and the Indian Tri-Color flag stood outside fluttering high. The reception had a floral tribute to the flag with the words “Jai Hind” or “Victory to India” and colored balloons adorned the reception area.

view of The Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur

A twilight view of The Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur

A panoramic view from the reception shows off the Mullayanagiri Ranges and the Western Ghats mountains as far the eyes can see. We were then escorted by the staff through spiral stairs, down to the dining area. Instantly, I knew I had to taste the coffee here. Chikmagalur is exceptionally known for the best arabica coffee in India. I have to underline that one. As I sat down and took the first sip, with the strong taste, the tagline of the resort resonated in my head, “Luxury brewed strong”.

Coffee at Java Rain Resorts

Luxury brewed strong at Java Rain Resort

The Rooms

The resort comes with three options of stay and the rooms are named after coffee.

  • The Presidential Suites called Fika
  • The Double villas called Qahva
  • The Single villas called Kaffa
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It was time to check-in to the room and the staff took us to the highest point in the resort. For this stay, we were offered the Qahva, a spacious doubled roomed twin villa which comes with two double beds, a Jacuzzi, and a good-looking patio.

At the first look, I decided to draw the curtains aside to let the bright light enter the room and boy, it was terrific. The colors of the room coordinated well with the relaxing lush greenery outside the glass windows. A patio opened beside the room which had a round sofa good enough to lay back and relax.

View outside Qahva villa at Java Rain Resorts

View outside the window from Qahva

The rooms are stocked with the regular amenities such as LED TVs, packaged drinking water, tea & coffee sachet, soft beverages in the mini bar, cookies and a fruit basket.

I stepped back into the room from the patio and walked into the bathroom. My eyes were lit up as I saw the Jacuzzi and the interior of the bathroom. The wash bowl had a funky design and the shower was so roomy.

All around the resort, there are large stone jars with water lilies in it, statues of Buddha in the gardens blend seamlessly with nature. The resorts also feature an infinity pool with an awesome view of the valley.

The Experience

Apart from the rooms, the resort boasts of the Mirra Restaurant, The Crimson Peak Bar and Shvah Spa to enrich your experience.

  • Mirra Restaurant
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I requested the chef to treat us with some Malnad cuisine since Chikmagalur is known for its Malnad delicacies. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food for its breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they make sure to include the local culture and its cuisine. The restaurant is located below the reception and overlooks the heart-shaped pool. The outside porch area which we preferred, opens up to a splendid view of the small town and the valley below.

  • The Crimson Peak Bar

At the highest point of the resort next to our villa is the newly completed Crimson Peak Bar. We climbed up this multi tier open view bar all the way to the top to capture the views of the Mullayanagiri peak, the highest peak in the state of Karnataka. The bar is still waiting for its launch and soon you will be able to grab your favorite cocktails with a private view of the sunset over the peaks. I don’t think it can get better than that.

The view of Chikmagalur from Java Rain Resorts

The view of Chikmagalur from Crimson Peak Bar

  • Shvah Spa

I’m pretty sure you would look forward to a relaxing time at the resort given its location and who would not like some pampering in a spa. A good way to get relaxed is a full body massage. Trained in both Ayurvedic and Thai massage, the in-house masseuse will help you rejuvenate your body and mind before heading back home.


The resort offers combo packages for 2 and 3 nights in Kaffa and Qahwa with different tariffs for weekdays and weekends which is really worth the buck. Kindly refer to their website for the latest offers.

Plantation Walk

I requested for a plantation walk as part of the activities so I could learn more about the coffee that is grown here and explore other flora and fauna that dot the plantation. Tall teak and silver oak trees are planted here by the owners along with the coffee and a whole bunch of others like eucalyptus which grow naturally to the landscape. Coffee Arabica is mainly grown in these parts along with some Robusta which is of a lower grade.

Coffee plant in Chikmagalur

Coffee plant blooming in the plantation

The Verdict

If you are looking to spend a few days away from the concrete jungles, escaping the monotonous life of the cities, or you are on a tour of the Western Ghats in Karnataka and you stop by Chikmagalur or maybe you are on a trek to Mullayanagiri or the Bababudangiri hills, without wanting to compromise on your stay, Java Rain Resort is the place for you. Take your partner on a date, get into the Jacuzzi, read a new book on the patio, take a dip in the infinity pool, eat some exquisite local delicacies or just sit at the deck and sip on some rich arabica coffee with some of the best views of the Western Ghats. Luxury with super hospitality, a fresh natural ambiance, gorgeous scenery, and coffee.

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The swiming pool at Java Rain Resorts Chikmagalur

Pool with a view at Java Rain Resorts


Views from the Fika Presidential Suite at Java Rain Resorts

Views from the Fika Presidential Suite

Getting there

Java Rain Resorts is located in Chikmagalur in Karnataka, one of the bigger states in the southern part of India. The closest airports in Mangalore and Bangalore are 170kms and 250kms away from here respectively.

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A Review of Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India

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  1. Java Rain Resort sounds like such an incredible experience – a chance to relax and get back to nature for sure – I love the relaxing lush greenery outside the glass windows of your room – what an incredible view! Though I would probably be spending all my time at Crimson Peak Bar because that view is by far the most incredible on the property. Amazing chance to look out over the Western Ghats.

  2. I’ve done some hiking in the Western Ghats but from Munnar. It’s such a wonderful area I’d love to go back and see a different part. Java Rain Resort looks absolutely stunning. You’ve gotta love a pool with a view!

  3. I love finding fantastic places off the beaten track – the Rain Resort (great name, btw) looks amazing, and Chikmagalur itself sounds like a great place to explore. What’s NOT to love about great coffee, fantastic scenery and rooms with such superb views? I’ve never tried Malnad cuisine before – and I’m sure I’d be tempted to spend all my time eating and admiring the view from the bar (when it opens) and the infinity pool!

  4. Green is life. Java Rain Resort is a luxury. The twilight view is stunning. And the pool!!!!!!!!! I would love to treat myself to such a luxury at Java Rain Resort. The thought of doing that thrills me

  5. What an amazing view! That mountain range is just beautiful. And it’s so interesting that the coffee plantations are close by. Have never visited one, that would probably be one lovely experience.
    And I just love the resort, would be great to spend few days there, just to recharge a bit. 🙂

  6. Been living in Bangalore and I haven’t heard of this amazing place! This definitely needs a weekend trip. But then any true Bangalorean will vouch for Chikmagalur! Period.
    Love the sweeping valley views!

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