RoadToEverest Log #13

After resting for two nights at Lobuche, we were fresh and ready to leave to Gorekshep and then to the Everest Base Camp from there. There was no stopping us.


A stone cairn

Trek timings are short to these places and the trek is straight-forward without a lot of inclination. The stretch from Lobuche to Gorekshep is almost a flatland with some bumps.



Approaching the village of Gorekshep; The Khumbu Icefall at the end of the valley

Once we reached Gorekshep, without wasting a lot of time we left our heavy packs at the lodge there and set off to the Base Camp.



Way to Everest Base Camp

We were unable to contain the excitement when we got to the Base Camp, and were welcomed by sherpas and climbers who were attempting to climb Everest. They arranged tea for us and later a lavish dinner for us in the same camps the climbers used. After spending a good time there, we trekked around to meet the Indian Army camp and the National Cadet Corps camp; they were the largest camps on ground zero.

EBC Nepal

Panorama of the Everest Base Camp and the famous Khumbu Icefall

The famous Khumbu Ice fall, a moving river of frozen ice that flows from the Everest itselfIt looked really dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

We made it back to Gorekshep by sundown. Our heart still at the Base Camp. We we proud of visiting the army camps and meeting a few climbers in-person and also that feeling of reaching the base of the highest, tallest mountain in the world.

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Altitude: 4940m/16210ft
Altitude: 5164m/16942ft
Everest Base Camp
Altitude: 5364m/17598ft

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