Sunrise behind Mt. Everest viewed from Kala Patthar

RoadToEverest Log #14

The trip to EBC was a stuff of dreams. It took time for the mind to come in terms with the beauty of the mountain. They say, “Everest beckons you” and so it did.

We rested for a day at Gorekshep to continue our journey further westwards in the region. The very next day we were to trek to the summit of Kala Patthar for the best views of the entire region and Everest. With pristine skies that day, this was an opportunity not to miss but we succumbed to the cold and curled up inside the lodge.


Gorekshep in a snow blizzard

We spent the day chilling inside the lodge, making new friends and reading books. By evening the village was transformed into a winter wonderland. Our chance of climbing Kala Patthar the next day just got harder. The snow storms which started in the afternoon continued for hours which meant that trekking Kala Patthar might have to be written off if it stayed that way.


View of the Everest region from Kala Patthar

At 4am the next morning, we got out and about to make our way up Kala Patthar, the skies were covered in thick clouds, the sun was yet to rise as it was still dark. The otherwise brown hill called Kala Patthar was now covered in snow for over 12 hours, the lodge thermometer read -9°C inside and -22°C outside. We were chilled to the bone, winds were close to 40-50 knots and sprayed snow dust to our faces as we ascended. Kala Patthar gave a little taste of what the Everest climbers face on a daily basis from Camp 2 and beyond. And from what rumors we heard that day, there were no Everest summits on the same day because of the same reasons. We just did an Everest on Kala Patthar.

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I mustered the courage to climb that day and wasn’t going to give up the quest for the top of Kala Patthar. Just when I was reaching the last bit onto the ridge that connects it to Mt. Pumori, the raging storm calmed down and the sun’s rays peaked through the mountains. The last bit of the dark clouds got whisked away to finally give a glimpse of the one and only, up close.


The Sun peaking through the clouds to slowly reveal Mt. Everest

Just over a month before this, I was reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer in my home and here I was standing in front of it.

Magical dreamy miracle!!

Altitude: 5164m/16942ft
Kala Patthar
Altitude: 5644m/18519ft

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