Ama Dablam from Dzongla

RoadToEverest Log #16

The beautiful village of Dzongla gave us the feeling of the last village of the world before it drop on the other side. This is the last stopover before the Cho La Pass from the East to West on the Three Passes trail.

The view from here is a panorama of the incredibly beautiful Mt. Ama Dablam and the surrounding mountain ranges and resembled the logo of Paramount Pictures. Behind the village lies the walls of the Cho La pass, Cho La Tse and the Cho La Glacier ahead of that.

View of Ama Dablam from Dzongla

The Paramount Pictures view from Dzongla

As planned we bunked at our cozy lodge in Dzongla. It had snowed overnight but we managed to sleep through it thanks to our -20˚ sleeping bags that we rented from Kathmandu.

At 6 am we were chilled to the bone and left the lodge marking our climb to the Cho La Pass. The trek took us though the most scenic trekking trails until then.

Trail from Dzongla to Cho La Pass

The trail from Dzongla to Cho La Pass

The first part of the trek to the pass was gradual. After which we were negotiating and climbing up boulders, some the size of two-storey buildings. Huge boulders stacked on top of each other with ice and sleet made it difficult and slowed us down quite a bit. We took our time to catch our breath and the much-needed O2.

After the steep section came the Cho La Glacier. We got our crampons on and crossed the river of hard ice in zero visibility. At the end of the glacier beyond a frozen lake we had to climb another bit of a steep wall to reach the lowest point to the next valley, this was the summit of Cho La Pass.

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Cho La Glacier

The Cho La Glacier

We celebrated our victorious attempt of reaching it over a meal of boiled eggs and Tibetan bread, we then scrambled our way down to the other side. The snow and rain left the path slippery and dangerous.

After what seemed to be ages and ages of descending and tramping up and down smaller hills, we reached the village of Dragnak or Thagnak.

Totally exhausted, we decided to stop there for the night with no energy to go further.

Altitude: 4830m/15846ft
Cho La
Altitude: 5420m/17782ft
Altitude: 4733m/15528ft

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