RoadToEverest Log #17

A short distance from Thangnak lies the small lakeside village of Gokyo. But to get there you have to cross the Ngozumpa Glacier which is said to be the longest glacier in the Himalayas.

Some people take the whole trip from Dzongla over the Cho La Pass all the way to Gokyo without the stop at Thangnak. We were no superheroes!

Ngozumba Glacier in Nepal

Ngozumba Glacier viewed just after Thagnak

The next morning we trekked up to the edge of the glacier. The vast glacial ice of the nearby himalayan massifs lied in front of us. Slowly but steadily one can trek their way up to the other side of this glacier. But there are certain spots where you will have to be quick or be dead because of rockfalls. And these rocks are no pebbles and you can toss over. Like the Khumbu Glacier, boulders of ice and rock keep rolling down the steep icy cliffs and crevasses. The melting ice due to global warming has caused enormous lakes to be formed within the glacier.

Glacier in Solukhumbu Region

Ngozumba Glacier and a lake formed from the melting ice

By this time, our bodies were well acclimatised to the temperature and the varying high altitudes and we made our way through the glacier in about two hours. At its end was a short uphill climb from the glacier towards Gokyo.

As soon as we crossed over from this point, the colours of the Dudh Pokhari welcomed us. There are of course medicinal qualities for the water from these high altitude lakes but sometimes just looking at them radiates a healing effect to your body and soul. The only way to know this is to experience it first hand.

Third Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake or Dudh Pokhari and Gokyo Ri in the centre, Mt. Cho Oyu hidden behind the curtain of clouds

Gokyo village, is nestled in between the Gokyo lakes and the mountains. This lakeside settlement boasts of one of the most serene views of the entire region. The Gokyo Ri mountain stands guard to the village and in a distance the 6th tallest eight thousander, Mt. Cho Oyu!

Mt. Cho Oyu view from Gokyo

Mt. Cho Oyu, the 6th tallest mountain in the world seen from Gokyo

Altitude: 4733m/15528ft
Altitude: 4750m/15580ft

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