RoadToEverest Log #18

Continuing my journey across the Khumbu region traversing the Three High passes. We docked in beautiful Gokyo, deep inside the Sagarmatha National Park. The trek was now in the final week. We took the time to relax, watch the clouds envelop us and the serene, turquoise colored Gokyo lakes change its colours with Mt. Cho Oyu looking over us from a distance.

Panorama of the Gokyo area

Gokyo Lake, Gokyo Ri and Renjo La in the center.

It was cold and at this altitude every rain drop was turning into hail and snow. The Sherpas indulged in their card games throughout the day and we joined in to watch them play. There were a few trekkers checking in to the lodges from time to time. Some taking the Cho La pass towards EBC (Everest Base Camp) from this side of the valley after Renjo La Pass and some taking the easy way through Macchermo village.

Gokyo village

A cluster of guesthouses at Gokyo Village beside the lake

We found an elderly couple roughly in their late 60s or early 70s or maybe older, who just crossed the same Cho La pass we did a few days before and they looked fit as a fiddle. This reminded us that age was just a number. I was just hoping when I get to their age, I’ll be half as good as they were.

Gokyo Lake

The 3rd Gokyo lake, cold glacial winds blowing, and the Gokyo village seen at a distance.

Occasionally we used to get out beside the lake to feel the glacial air blow on our faces, tickling our spines and sending hair-raising goosebumps and then make us run back indoors for warmth. We even took a walk around the lake on one day, soaking in nature’s pure bliss into our senses.

The strong winds against the lake’s water formed ripples as it moved from one end to another. There was no storm coming and we were totally enjoying the calm and prepared for our next climb up Gokyo Ri.

Altitude: 4750m/15580ft

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