RoadToEverest Log #19

We went to sleep with the plan to summit Gokyo Ri the next day, if weather permitted. The next morning hoping for the best, we woke up at 4 am, readied ourselves and started our trek. After facing the lowest of lows in temperature at Kalapatthar, I made sure I was sufficiently covered up and warm for this one. But it turned out to be a warm morning, not a lot of wind and average temperature.

Gokyo Valley at sunrise

Early morning view of the entire Gokyo valley on the way up Gokyo Ri

The thick clouds were still looming as we started off but we remained positive to see it move by the time we reached the summit. Within a few minutes into the climb the clouds moved away.

The climb was a bit harder than the previous ones. The terrain here was more vertical compared to the likes of Kala Patthar or Chhukung Ri that we had attempted before this. As soon as the weather began to clear the views got better and better as we went higher. A deep blue sky, frosted glaciers scattered across the land, Himalayan peaks and the blue turquoise lake of Gokyo. This was what the day started with. In the distant landscape, the towering mountains of the Everest regions were in direct view. I don’t think there is a better view of the core of the Himalayas than from here. You can look the Himalayas in the eye.

The Everest massif view from Gokyo Ri

The Everest Massif viewed from Gokyo Ri

We finally reached the peak, completed our obligatory photos and waited for the final bit of cloud to make way for the view of Everest. Everest stood tall and intimidating against all the other mountains. It is from here you learn that 8850m is a monster of a mountain. Lot of trekkers saw the opportunity of clear weather and made super fast climbs to reach the peak.

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Gokyo Valley

The wonderful Gokyo region of Khumbu

Something in us changed, that very moment. The mountains were happy and so were we.

Altitude: 4750m/15580ft
Gokyo Ri
Altitude: 5357m/17575ft

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  1. Very cool. I actually listened to Leif Whitaker, son of Jim Whitaker, talking about this and the other summits as part of the Everest process. Incredible adventurers you all are.

  2. I cannot even begin to know how it would feel to hike up that high and have the view of Everest. That is like movie stunts for someone like me. LOL You certainly had a fabulous view and hopefully realized a travel bucket list with this one. Nepal is amazing.

  3. I’ve never been tempted to climb mountains but love hearing about it when people do! Looking forward to following your adventure for the next bit.

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