RoadToEverest Log #9

The effects of altitude sickness is very high at 4400m. We decided that we will stay one day and see if we succumb to any sort of illnesses. If all was good, we would push towards the village of Chukkung the next day which is only two hours away from Dingboche but at a further elevation of 4700m.

Everything went well for us, there were some headaches due to the dehydration. Hot water gets really expensive as you go up, and so does everything that you take for granted in your home.


The Sun was shining bright the next day and a few clouds circled around the big peaks. Health-wise, we were top notch, so we decided to push it to the next village.

The wind was much stronger here, there were no trees or even bushes around. We were literally in and out of clouds for the two nights we stayed at Chhukung.


Altitude: 4410m/ 14468ft

Altitude: 4730m/ 15518ft

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