Beyond the Khardung La

The Khardung La experience is something that most people look forward to on a visit to Ladakh. Travelers and tourists try their luck and overcome the obstacles by riding through the high passes on motorbikes some even on bicycles.

2016 Escaping Life

2016: The Year that Was

Through the narrow mountain trails of Nepal up in the Himalayas to the Everest Base Camp, a solo backpacking trip in deeply religious Georgia, a few days in sizzling hot Abu Dhabi, a short transit tour through the island country of Sri Lanka on my way to the land of Unity in Diversity, India. 2016 made me a free bird and opened my eyes into travel, people, places and experiences like never before.


To the Summit and beyond

Late September last year, I ventured out to the highlands of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. I made a journey from Delhi to Leh and back. The goal of the trip was to traverse some of the high Himalayan Mountains of India in the Ladakh region.

War Memorial Delhi

Dilli Shehr: The City of Delhi

There is something in the air in Delhi that you can sense the centuries of history of the place. Some say the Hindi accent is pure here. For others it is just another city in this big nation. For me it was the city and the aura it emanated.


Tawang – A Himalayan Tryst

I sat there the whole time reflecting back on the time spent at this tiny Himalayan hamlet. It was probably the best break to the relentless travel I did over the few days