2016 Escaping Life

2016: The Year that Was

Through the narrow mountain trails of Nepal up in the Himalayas to the Everest Base Camp, a solo backpacking trip in deeply religious Georgia, a few days in sizzling hot Abu Dhabi, a short transit tour through the island country of Sri Lanka on my way to the land of Unity in Diversity, India.

Lake after Renjo La

RoadToEverest Log #20

We were out of gas when we reached Thame. Our feet was heavily blistered and bleeding, there was barely any energy left in us.


RoadToEverest Log #18

Continuing my journey across the Khumbu region traversing the Three High passes. We docked in beautiful Gokyo, deep inside the Sagarmatha National Park.


To the Summit and beyond

Late September last year, I ventured out to the highlands of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. I made a journey from Delhi to Leh and back. The goal of the trip was to traverse some of the high Himalayan Mountains of India in the Ladakh region.


RoadToEverest Log #17

Gokyo village, is nestled in between the Gokyo lakes and the mountains. This lakeside settlement boasts of one of the most serene views of the entire region.